Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit (RMCBU)

Reinforcing the capacities of national authorities

Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit (RMCBU) covers all partner countries – taking into account the country specific needs - to ensure “local” ownership and long-term impact of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme, with the following main outputs:

  • Capacity building to public institutions and other cultural sector actors of the partner countries;
  • Coaching, monitoring and coordination of the projects selected through the call for proposals;
  • Collection and dissemination of results.

RMCBU Activities:

  • to elaborate comparative studies and diagnostics of cultural policies in the partner countries to identify priority needs and specific policy areas to be reinforced;
  • to provide need based technical assistance to the national and local authorities, cultural institutions and civil society culture actors, which shall contribute to developing legal and regulatory frameworks and promote policy reforms in favor of the cultural sector;
  • to exchange and share expertise and best practices on culture policies and culture management among the partner countries and with the European Union through conferences, workshops and seminars;
  • to ensure coordination, coaching and visibility of granted projects, in order to develop complementarities and synergies between cultural actors and initiatives in the region by applying both off and on-line innovative technologies as social-network based tools.

What has been done so far?

Capacity building and elaboration of comparative studies and diagnostics

  • Through a series of research visits to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine the RMCBU launched the process of identification of specific policy areas in the field of culture to be reinforced at the national and regional level;
  • The RMCBU elaborated six Analytical Base-Line Reports and the Regional Research Report on Cultural Policies and Trends of the Eastern Partnership Countries. The reports were presented to the national authorities and cultural actors of the EaP countries during the First Regional Conference in October 2012. All reports are available online in English and national languages. You have to be registered and have signed in, to access the reports. We invite all culture professionals from the EaP countries and beyond to actively contribute to the policy dialogue by providing their feedback to the reports on this website.
  • On 08-09 October 2012 the First Regional Conference of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme took place in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Conference launched the debate on culture policies in the six countries of the Eastern Partnership region and brought together 147 participants from the EU and six Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine representing EaP authorities (Ministries of Culture), EaP Culture Programme granted projects, EaP public institution and local authorities, EaP independent culture sector and civil society organisations, European Commission, EU Delegations, Council of Europe, European Cultural Foundation, Culture Action Europe, EU public and private organisations.
  • Results of the visits and studies formed the basis for proposals on capacity-building activities – the Culture Policy Exchange Workshops to be organized for public and private cultural actors of the EaP countries in 2013 (Cycle 2013) and 2014 (Cycle 2014). The participants of the Workshop Cycle 2013 were selected through the Open Call for Applications. As a result of the Call, 153 applications were received from the cultural actors representing national and local authorities and public and private sector. All in all 42 professionals from the 6 EaP countries will be trained in 2013 during 3 workshops of the Cycle 2013. The first Workshop took place on 17-20 April, 2013 in Chisinau, Moldova.

Support to the Projects granted under the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme

  • The RMCBU provides assistance and support to the projects through a series of trainings and workshops as well as regular guidance/consulting on general management, contractual and administrative issues;
  • In March 2012, the Regional Projects’ Launching Workshop was organised by the RMCBU for project coordinators and administrators to discuss project management and implementation issues;
  • During September – November 2012 the RMCBU organized and conducted six Project Cycle Management (PCM) Workshops for representatives of all partner organisations of the grant projects. PCM Workshops were conducted in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and were attended by 94 participants. The trainings were delivered by Mr. Terry Sandell, Director, Cultural Futures LLP and Senior Associate, St Antony's College, Oxford University, and Ms. Oksana Muzychuk, Project & Monitoring Manager at the RMCBU of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.
  • The RMCBU monitors the projects and supports them in their reporting obligations towards the contracting authority. A Monitoring Information System was established including a set of monitoring tools and templates, as well as an electronic document archive is in preparation;
  • Two training cycles are in the preparation phase to address transversal topics, which are to be identified together with the project teams.

Communicating the Eastern Partnership Programme and its grant projects, disseminating results

  • The RMCBU has launched the website and the Facebook page providing news and latest updates on the EaP Culture Programme and its projects;
  • Regional and international contact database is established and open for registration;
  • The RMCBU is collecting materials for the electronic library of best practices and deliverables in the culture sector to be available online.

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