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Call for applications for the EaP Culture Programme Policy Exchange Workshop Cycle 2013

January 14, 2013

Important notices

Please, study the information below and contained under the links to specific rubrics (e.g. ‘Applicants Eligibility’, ‘Workshop Projects Eligibility’, ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, etc.) before addressing your questions to us and starting to work on your application.

The workshops serve to promote cultural policy reforms and thus they serve to the development of workshop projects only, not to their financing.

Expenses of participants of the workshops for travel, accommodation and meals will be covered by the organizers.

The Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit (RMCBU) of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme launches a call for applications for participation in the Culture Policy Exchange Workshop, Cycle 2013, consisting of three subsequent workshops. The workshops will aim at capacity building in the elaboration and the assessment of culture strategies and policies with the purpose of motivating culture policy reforms. The target group of these workshops is culture actors and stakeholders from authorities, public and private cultural institutions and civil society of the Eastern Partnership countries. The workshops will provide cultural leadership for up to forty authority representatives, professionals, artists, and managers from the EaP countries and will as well facilitate the creation of an international network of culture actors in and beyond the context of the EaP Culture Programme.

The current Workshop Cycle 2013 is one of two Culture Policy Exchange Workshop Cycles planned until 2014, each composed of three subsequent 3-4 days workshops.

These Culture Policy Exchange Workshop Cycles will contribute to the achievement of the overall objectives of the EaP Culture Programme:

  • To support the role of culture in the regions' sustainable development;
  • To promote regional cooperation among public institutions, national and local; civil society cultural organisations both profit and non-profit; and foundations and academic organizations in the Eastern Partnership region and the EU.

The workshops will address the needs of public institutions and the region's culture sector as identified by the RMCBU within the Regional Research Report on Cultural Policies and Trends of the Eastern Partnership Countries and the Analytical Base-line Reports on the Culture Sector and Cultural Policy of the six EaP countries and will enhance the EaP Culture Programme’s local ownership and long-term impact.

The two Workshop Cycles will aim at:

  • Promoting policy reform and modernization at government level (national and local), capacity building of cultural organizations, and ‘professionalization’ of the culture sector in the partner countries;
  • Contributing to exchange of information, experience, and best practices among culture actors at regional level and with the EU;
  • Supporting networking of regional initiatives and partnerships, which demonstrate the positive contributions of culture to economic development, social inclusion, conflict resolution, and inter-cultural dialogue.

The two Workshop Cycles are designed to contribute to a reforming process aiming to change practices and attitudes. The potential and success of such change depend on the mutual agreement of all concerned stakeholders on their purposes and expected results and relevant implementation strategies. Therefore the RMCBU proposes to include into these workshops the identification of common strategic interests of the EaP countries, specifically regarding the improvement of the climate and context of their national cultures development.

The Workshop Cycle 2013 is scheduled within the period April – October 2013, the Workshop Cycle 2014 is planned for the period February – June 2014. A new call for applications to participate in Workshop Cycle 2014 will be launched in autumn 2013.

How to Apply

Read all of the following information and rules carefully, before starting to work on your application!

In order to apply for participation in the Workshop Cycle 2013 you should submit via e-mail the following documents:

  1. Application form and CV (title of the file to be submitted is ‘SURNAME Name_application form’),
  2. Project description (title of the file to be submitted ‘PROJECT ACRONYM_project description’) (please see the ‘Working method’ page),

All the documents must be submitted together. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Two working languages will be used during the training – English and Russian. Nevertheless, the documents of the application package must be submitted in English.

Please see below the forms to be download: 1) Application form and CV, and 2) Project Description.

The submission deadline for the Culture Policy Exchange Workshops of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme in 2013 has been extended to Monday, 11 Febrauary 2013, 17.00 EET (Kyiv time)

Should you have any questions, after having studied the information and rules contained under the links below, please contact Mrs. Tetiana Biletska, the RMCBU Capacity Building Expert at .

Working Method

Applicants Eligibility

Workshop Projects Eligibility

Selection Procedure

Tentative Thematic Plan and Schedule

Transversal Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Form & CV
482,43 Kb, DOCX, Download
Project Description
483,81 Kb, DOCX, Download
Форма заявки и резюме (рус.) ТОЛЬКО ДЛЯ ОЗНАКОМЛЕНИЯ
534,27 Kb, PDF, Download
Описание проекта (рус.) ТОЛЬКО ДЛЯ ОЗНАКОМЛЕНИЯ
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