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Welcome to the Document Archive of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme. Our Archive has been conceived as a living net organism, a node to help every representative of the cultural environment in the Eastern Partnership countries to network, share and learn.

The Document Archive offers several instruments:

Database of materials

Research and Studies Section:

RMCBU presents the Regional Research Report on Cultural Policies and Trends of the Eastern Partnership Countries and the Analytical Base-line Reports on the Culture Sector and Cultural Policy of the six EaP countries.

The reports are accompanied by non-official translations to national languages (the six Base-line Reports) and the Russian language (the Regional Research Report).

In this Section we present the culture-related documents and studies produced by the EU and international organisations. The content of these documents is the sole responsibility of the relevant organisations; all copyrights belong to their respective owners.

This Section contains documents on Culture Policies and Strategies developed in the framework of the RMCBU Project.

EaP Countries: Strategies and Policy Papers in the field of Culture

Culture strategies and policy papers developed by the respective authorities of the Eastern Partnership countries.

RMCBU Activities & Events

This Section contains the materials, proceedings, presentations and video-reports from the events organised by the RMCBU.

This Section contains publications produced by the RMCBU and interviews with the RMCBU Experts.

Grant Projects` Deliverables & Results

This Section presents the results produced by the fifteen grant projects financed through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme. The content of these documents is the sole responsibility of the relevant grant projects; all copyrights belong to their respective owners. If you are interested in all materials of a specific grant projects, please check the Grant Project Section on our website.


In the process of diagnostics of cultural policies of the Eastern Partnership Countries the RMCBU in cooperation with the local experts made an attempt to collect the inventory of existing documentations and regional/national/local initiatives in policy and legal development for the cultural sector of the six EaP Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The inventory is available in the English language and contains the following information for each country:

I Policy and legal framework for culture

  1. List of ratified international conventions
  2. National culture legislation (laws; regulative acts, sector specific regulations)
  3. Overall culture policies and/or sectoral strategies (i.e. film, heritage, etc)

II Existing analytic documents (reports, research, reviews, etc.) assessing national cultural policy

  1. Prepared by national experts
  2. Prepared by external experts

III Sector structure

  1. Authorities
  2. Public cultural institutions
  3. Civil society participation
  4. Business related to culture

IV Regional/national/local policy initiatives focusing on inter-/intraregional aspects

Contact Database

The Contact Database of organizations and institutions in the culture sector or culture-related fields in the Eastern Partnership countries and the EU.