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Project "SOS Culture: Saving Endangered Cultural Assets in Remote Regions of Armenia and Georgia by Involving Local Youth in Their Preservation"

Countries participating in the project

Duration: 24 months


  • To improve the conservation of and raise awareness for the neglected, ignored and endangered culture assets in the border areas of Georgia and Armenia.
  • Empowering local villagers to estimate values of nearby monuments and create a strong sense of ownership, especially among youth.


  • To promote inter-cultural cross-border dialogue including minorities and fostering democracy, civil society and equal access to culture.
  • Youth empowering re. local culture assets.
  • To raise tourists interest for the culture assets in the project region.
  • To improve pedagogical capacity and practical skills of local teachers, youth leaders and other representatives of educational institutions in order to establish a sustainable working mechanism for the SOS Culture activities reaching beyond the project time-frame.
  • To create an interactive SOS Culture website and database as a hub for cooperation.

Milestones / Results:

  • Grass-route level - video-photo database of min. 10 culture objects in the GE-AM border region, DVD with short films about those culture assets, SOS Culture website, 200 young villagers trained in photo and video skills and historic assets documentation;
  • Multiplier level - info campaign, 2 workshops for educators of different levels, youth leaders, a manual for teachers developed, educational material for children and youth developed; maps for hiking tourist and culture sites developed.

Participating countries:

    Armenia, Georgia

    Lead Partner:


    Other Partners:

    • dvv international Regional Office for Caucasus and Turkey (Georgia)
    • Research on Armenian Architecture NGO (RAA) (Armenia)