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Project "Caucasus Cultural Initiatives Network (CAUCULT)"

Countries participating in the project

Duration: 36 months

CAUCULT is an international, intercultural project promoting local culture-related initiatives that support ethnic, religious and cultural diversity across the South Causasus.

The main objective of the CAUCULT project is to contribute to the creation of a vivid political and social environment which is conducive to the strengthening of inclusive societies that are aware of the benefits of cultural diversity in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. This objective will be achieved by empowering the countries’ social and cultural actors who serve as cornerstones for sustainable economic, social and human development in this region.

By means of a variety of targeted measures for capacity building, community art development, targeted media work and the promotion of inclusive cultural policies the project will:

  • Support the active participation of citizens, especially groups with badly recognized ethnic and cultural backgrounds, in cultural activities;
  • Establish strong, inclusive and sustainable networks of cultural actors from different areas in order to actively promote cultural diversity;
  • Enhance a structured and skilful intercultural dialogue between all relevant stakeholders in order to ensure greater respect for and more appreciation of cultural diversity.

Main Activities:

  • Setting up Culture Initiatives Network in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and its promotion;
  • "Community Art Development" activities empowering the communities with self-organised Community Art events;
  • Carrying out training in culture management and feeding results into national festivals focused on culture diversity;
  • Policy recommendations for cultural diversity;
  • Study visits to Austria and Lithuania

Participating countries:

    Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania

    Lead Partner:


    Other Partners:

    • International Center for Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue (Armenia)
    • YUVA Humanitarian Center (Azerbaijan)
    • CAUCASIAN HOUSE Cultural Relations Center (Georgia)
    • Academy for Peace and Development (Georgia)
    • ANEL Association for Non-Formal Education in Lithuania (Lithuania)