Goals & Objectives

Programme’s Overall Objective:

To support the role of culture in the region's sustainable development and promote regional cooperation among public institutions, civil society, cultural and academic organisations in the Eastern Partnership region and with the European Union.

Programme’s Specific Objectives:

  • to support and promote cultural policy reforms at the governmental level, build capacities of cultural organisations and improve “professionalization” of the culture sector in the region;
  • to contribute to exchange of information, experience and best practices among cultural operators at the regional level and with the European Union;
  • to support regional initiatives/partnerships, which demonstrate positive cultural contributions to economic development, social inclusion, conflict resolution and intercultural dialogue.

Programme’s Components:

  • Support to civil society and reinforcement of industries in the sector. In October 2010, the European Union launched a call for proposals dedicated to the culture sector specifically for the Eastern Partnership region. As a result, 15 regional projects were selected and financed through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.
  • Capacity building for national/regional authorities and civil society culture actors to address specific priority needs of public institutions and the region's cultural sector, provided by the Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit.